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Depot Repair

Authorized HP and Okidata serviceStocked parts

This is the #1 element in providing quick repair services of any equipment. We historically stock over 90% of all parts needed to repair your equipment. We attempt to eliminate expensive overnight part shipping costs and repair time delays.

We provide hard-to-find depot service on older equipment and unique models.

Authorized HP /Okidata service
CPR provides factory support for quick access to emergency parts and technical support.

Loaner equipment available for emergency situations
You’ll never be without your much needed office equipment.

Cost savings
Bring your equipment to us for repair and reduce your costs. We’ll expedite the repair and have your machine ready for pickup normally within 24-hours.

We repair equipment shipped to us from all over the country
Don’t hesitate to arrange for a mail in repair. CPR will safely package and return ship your product within 2-working days.

We offer whole unit replacement on many models
If you can’t wait for your unit repair we’ll ship you a like-kind replacement unit. We’ll make payment arrangements, we ship you a replacement unit and you ship us your old machine. This is a great solution for upgrading your tired troublesome equipment.

CPR techs know what they’re doing. We pride ourselves in knowing our craft and studying our business. We provide quick and technically accurate repair quotes.

Everything we sell and service is unconditionally guaranteed
We’ve extended our repair guarantee to 90 days for your reassurance and peace of mind.

Our service depot and parts warehouse will have two dropoff locations. Dropping off your machine repair will only take 15 minutes from the Eastside and ½ hour from Seattle.

Seattle Location:


803 NW Market St

Seattle, WA 98107

Drop-off and pickup hours are 19:00 AM to 2:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Seattle-Tacoma Location:


13261 NE 20th St #A

Seattle, WA 98144

Drop-off and pickup hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Please call when at the door to gain access if it is locked

Please Call Shad at 206-383-4153 to arrange pickup or delivery

Tel.: 425-467-9035 or Shad at 206-383-4153 to arrange pickup or delivery e-Mail: service@cprnw.com
13261 NE 20th St #A Bellevue, WA 98005

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