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Typewriter Repair

Typewriter Repair

CPR offers comprehensive repair services on many brands of office quality typewriters. We have the factory-trained expertise to repair your typewriter at your location and carry most of the commonly used repair parts. You’ll enjoy this quick, convenient and friendly service offering. Our prices are very competitive and we always guarantee your satisfaction. If you’re a distant neighbor and would like mail in service we can discuss the necessary shipping container, carrier and involved costs.

Please call us if we haven’t mentioned your specific typewriter model or brand.

IBM Selectric/Wheelwriter Repair
We service and repair all models of the rugged IBM Selectric and Wheelwriter family of typewriters. CPR has serviced thousands of Selectric II’s and III’s over the past 23 years. We stock all of the commonly used parts, components, ribbons and correction supplies.

We can make your most trusted piece of office equipment look, feel and perform like it was (almost) new. Call us at 1-880-955-4075 or email us to schedule your spring, summer, fall or winter tune up today.

Xerox Memorywriter Repair

HP Inkjet – color – multifunctional
Inkjet or liquid ink printers often require repair, cleaning and realignment. We can help reestablish the original print quality of most units.

Okidata Impact or dot-matrix printers
Impact printers play a very important role in most offices; preventative maintenance, paper jam removal and print-head replacement are very common repairs. We have the expertise and parts to rebuild these printers on location.

Xerox Memorywriter Repair
CPR also service the Xerox Memorywriter models. We service, support and sell the 6000 series of typewriters. We stock or can quickly order of most of the highly called for parts. Our experience indicates that preventative maintenance on typewriters pays a big dividend in equipment longevity. Call us today and schedule a Xerox Certified tech to fix, clean and maintain your Xerox 6010, 6015, 6020 typewriters.

Typewriter Sales
We stock used IBM Selectrics, IBM/Lexmark Wheelwriters and Xerox Memorywriters, typewriter printwheels, ribbons, Selectric elements, ribbons and correction tapes. Please call for a price and availability. We guarantee each machine will be completely toned, lubed and tested prior to delivery. Our intent is to provide an investment you’ll enjoy using for many years. We ship equipment and supplies to anywhere in the US.

Tel.: 425-467-9035 or Shad at 206-383-4153 to arrange pickup or delivery e-Mail: service@cprnw.com
13261 NE 20th St #A Bellevue, WA 98005

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